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With over 1 million completed publication requests in 2020, Rampart Marketing has become a leader in the industry for controlled publication telemarketing. Publishing clients rely on Rampart Marketing to provide quality publication requests that will pass the scrutiny of BPA, VAC, or AAM. Our clients value quality, competitive performance-based pricing, and the ability to deliver on-time; all while maintaining superior account management through robust communication.

Rampart Marketing offers both Domestic and Nearshore options for publishers. Three Domestic centers in three separate time zones provides ample coverage when calling nationwide as well as strength in redundancy.

Our call center in Jamaica offers attractive rates with extraordinary quality. Jamaica is the third-largest English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere with a population of nearly 3 Million. The country has been voted (Forbes, 2019) as the best Caribbean county for doing business.

How we can help you:


Controlled Audience Development Re-Qualification


Controlled Audience New Acquisition

Areas of Opportunity for Publishers –

The “Value-Add”

Timing of Calls

Rampart Marketing carefully examines the answer rates hour-by-hour. In many cases we develop specific dialing strategies based on the answer rate and demographic of the market we are calling.

TCPA Wireless Capability

The presence of wireless numbers on subscriber files are on the rise. In 2020 Rampart Marketing saw 18.4% of incoming leads contain a wireless phone number. Rampart Marketing has taken the necessary steps to identify and suppress mobile phone numbers from automated dialing. Rampart Marketing maintains a dialing platform which complies with TCPA for mobile numbers. These numbers are called from a segregated system that includes a built-in failsafe mechanism to prevent the dialing agent from making more than one call per available agent. We are seeing a growing number of mobile numbers used as a primary business number in the construction industry.

Text Message Opt-in

With the increased use of personal cell phones for business purposes, it should come as no surprise that 80% of people use texting for business purposes (SEMAPHORE). Texting provides a great channel for engagement, but you must work to gain consent for text messaging. Rampart Marketing can assist in gaining text messaging consent through your subscriber re-qualification efforts. Text messaging open rates are nearly four-fold of email marketing messages.

Triggered Email Deployment

A transactional email system can be deployed to send an email at the conclusion of the call. This can be utilized to send a confirmation/acknowledgement email, or to promote any upcoming events tied to an event lead generation inquiry in the script. At the conclusion of the campaign we have the ability to send an MS Excel file with all of the emails that were sent including a status of delivery, opens, and click throughs.

Webinar Enrollment

In lieu of onsite events publishers are leveraging Webinars to engage their audience; bringing buyers and seller together while providing meaningful content. A Webinar just doesn’t happen. You have to promote it through many channels. One of the best ways to do this is by generating live conversations about the event. Incorporating Webinar promotion into your telemarketing call is a great way to improve attendance.

Digital Development

Many publishers have made a concentrated effort during the COVID crisis to move subscriptions to digital delivery. Utilizing specific scripting techniques, Rampart Marketing can work to improve digital edition opt-in.

Lead Generation

Publishers are in the business of connecting advertisers to potential buyers. Conducting a lead generation campaign is a great way to provide a valuable service to your advertiser while created a new revenue stream from your data. Rampart Marketing can help organize an efficient lead generation campaign embedded into your re-qualification efforts.

Email Validation

Studies have found that 30% of email addresses change each year. Rampart Marketing has partnered with industry leaders to integrate an Email Verification Solution (EVS). Designed to help publishers instantly increase their email deliverability, our EVS has resulted in improved marketing campaigns, better customer relationship management and assisted in keeping promotional materials out of your customers’ spam folders.

Rampart Marketing’s Services for the Trade Publishing Industry

Customer Stories

Interested in receiving a case study for membership association telemarketing? We would love to share one of our success stories.

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