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Inbound Environments: What Fits You?

When it comes to selecting an inbound call center provider it is important to take an assessment of your needs and determine which inbound environment suits you the best. Most call centers can offer dedicated, shared, or hybrid environments.

Dedicated environment agents handle calls exclusively for one client. This typically drives a higher cost per call, but when spread over larger volumes the additional costs are minimal.


  • Allows the agent to be exclusively trained for one client including training on the client’s company culture, business process, and intense product/service training.
  • Works well when complex products or services are involved.
  • Works well with higher call volume that can justify dedicated agents.
  • Typically billed at an hourly rate

Shared environment agents handle calls for multiple clients. For some centers this could number into the dozens.


  • Works well for basic order taking or simplistic lead generation programs. Programs where there is not a requirement for detailed product/service knowledge.
  • Flexible and easily expandable.
  • You are not paying for idle time.
  • Typically billed at a per usage minute rate.

Hybrid environments are structured to leverage dedicated agents to handle roughly 80% of the call volume, while shared agents provide capacity to handle the balance.


  • Provides the ability to maintain a core dedicated team while giving the flexibility to quickly scale shared agents during times of higher call volume.

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