Five Essential Elements to Any Successful Telemarketing Campaign

At the end of the day any successful telemarketing campaign will include:

  1. A target-rich list. 
  2. An offer that is irresistible. 
  3. High-quality product or service being offered. 
  4. Well trained and effective sales staff to professionally present the offer and close the order. 
  5. If you are selling a product, you can add the ability to accurately and expeditiously fulfil, bill, and provide professional follow-up customer service.

Take inventory of your campaigns and meet with your providers. Acquiring target-rich lists can be a challenge these days. Be prepared to test multiple new list segments. Measure both contact and conversion rates. Don’t get stuck in a rut of “we have always done it that way”. Look for new sources and challenge your vendors to do so. Review what is being sent to your telemarketing vendor. Try testing 20 calls and see what you encounter. Was the contact data correct? Were you able to reach them? Were they responsive to your call?

Test new offers and challenge your production team to maintain quality.

Schedule a monitoring session with your telemarketing vendor. Assess the effectiveness of the agents assigned to your campaign. Point out not only weaknesses, but strengths as well.


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