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Representing outstanding brands through one of the most powerful forms of communication….our voice.

Call Center Services:

Inbound & Outbound Sales • Audience Development • Lead Generation & Nurturing

Outbound B2B

Successful B2B campaigns must communicate logical benefits and financial advantage. Rampart Marketing provides highly qualified B2B telemarketing campaign agents, in-depth training, and hands-on account management.

B2B Lead Generation

Sales and marketing teams must keep the sales pipeline full of qualified prospects.  It’s a daily imperative. Rampart Marketing works with you to identify the best performing lists to target and develop leads for your internal sales team. 

Outbound B2C

B2B telemarketing campaigns require a keen understanding of telemarketing regulations and compliance. Our agents engage customers in a friendly and empathetic manner. We lead modern telemarketing campaigns that get results.

Audience Development

Developing an engaged audience is more than just building a list. Rampart Marketing focuses on measurable engagement, integrated lead generation efforts, increases in email collection rates, wireless/mobile contact, and cost savings.

Industries We Serve


With over 30 years experience, Graven • Austin • Drake is a prominent provider of customer call center solutions within the publishing industry.

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Trade Publishing

With over 1 million completed publication requests in 2020, we have become a leader in the industry for controlled publication telemarketing.

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Membership Organizations

We help membership organizations build a robust and engaged membership to help meet your new member acquisition and retention goals.

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Healthcare & Dental

Rampart Marketing has a deep understanding of the dental market, and in 2020 we engaged in over 200,000 conversations with dental practices on behalf of their clients.

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Today’s farmers are extraordinarily sophisticated in terms of technology. Our agents are trained to effectively communicate with these business owners.

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Religious, Church, & Non-Profit

Rampart Marketing’s history includes a special emphasis working with some of the nation’s most recognizable brands serving the Christian and non-profit sectors.

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Telemarketing Resources

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The Best Time to Prospect…Is When You Don’t Have To

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Inbound Environments: What Fits You?

Inbound Environments: What Fits You?

When it comes to selecting an inbound call center provider it is important to take an assessment of your needs and determine which inbound environment suits you the best. Most call centers can offer dedicated, shared, or hybrid environments. Dedicated environment...

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